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Friends of Positive Thought Brand

People, Products, and Sites we love...

LA Yoga Magazine ~ Yoga, Ayurveda and Health


VibesUP ~ A Resource for Vibrational Education and Tools


Girls Like Math ~ Positive T-Shirt Company started by Dr. Ina Patton. There is this misconception that girls are not suited for certain activities like math, science or even sports.  My husband and I did not want our two daughters to grow up with these limitations.  So, we did things like painting their room blue with clouds and math equations on the walls.  We wanted to introduce mathematical concepts in a fun, non-threatening way to develop a level of comfort with them.  I also began painting images of two little girls performing "boy-oriented" activities like changing the tire on a car, playing football or solving math problems at a blackboard.  Friends asked for re-prints and showed interest in the designs.  My husband suggested that we make the designs into t-shirts.


The Forgotten Foods ~ Baratunde, the father of Forgotten Foods, is a manufacturer of Chinese Herbal Tonics and has a 26 year history with Traditional Chinese Herbalism, Alchemy and Spiritual Sciences.


Holistic Yogini ~ Jess Lewis-Peltier is a traditional naturopath, Master Herbalist and yoga/meditation teacher who blends ancient healing practices with modern-day science to create a practical approach to holistic health.


Nanina Ra ~ Nanina Ra Healing Arts was spiritually inspired after my being exposed to Ifa; a W est African path to spiritual enlightenment. This exposure affirmed my desire to serve and help humanity. Nanina Ra healing bath salts and scrubs were created for the purpose of healing the mind, body and spirit.


Jourdans Beautiful Food ~ Founded by Jourdan Gray, who for many years suffered from food allergies and intolerances and general digestive and adrenal stress. After many attempts at getting well, Jourdan found that his health rapidly improved on a diet of primarily whole, fresh fruits and vegetables.  


50Give/Positive Present ~ Positive Present is an organization devoted to spreading inspiration through philanthropic projects, positive affirmations athletic apparel, and health & fitness-related channels


Vibrant Health ~ Marina James Galvin is a Nutrition Consultant, Certified Personal Trainer and also does Animal Reiki and Healing Dog Walking


Jendala ~ Art for the Soul. Love Your Thoughts, Love Your Life. Sustainable, inspiring, affirmational, and colorful, Jendala brings a smile in it's uniqueness, forming words and shapes from recycled metal. Jendala is committed to creating "soulful" art that will uplift the spirit and encourage positive thoughts. Current products include photo frames, hanging affirmation chimes, mobiles, flags, jewelry holders, key holders, and necklaces.


Nava Natural Cosmetics ~ Nava Natural Cosmetics has created a professional line of products with natural ingredients from the Dead Sea.


Havana Slackers Sandals ~ Havana Slackers are made from 100% eco friendly materials. All Havana Slackers are Vegetable dyed in an array of colors for men and women..