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About Us - Inspirational T Shirts

About Us - Inspirational T Shirts - Yoga Wear

The Positive Thought Brand BoothThe goal and vision of Positive Thought Brand is to encourage, uplift, and spread positive vibrations throughout the world, one person at a time. Our specialty is Inspirational T Shirts and Tank Tops. Every piece of our inspirational apparel line has a unique positive statement or positive affirmation printed on it. 

Some background on how it started.... In September 2007, after years of wanting to spread positive vibrations throughout the world; Byron Davenport decided to launch an apparel company to do just that, Positive Thought Brand. 

Shortly after, Byron shared his idea with Casey Murray, and she loved the concept. Both Byron and Casey were avid readers and had a strong belief in the power of positive thinking, and the power of mind (i.e body-mind-soul connection.) As time progressed the two brainstormed and ran ideas off of each other. Having had experience in the apparel business, Byron took immediate action by setting up shop in his Long Beach, CATo all of you, from all of us at Positive Thought Brand - Thank you! home office and garage. After getting samples made and doing market research with family, friends, and regular people on the street, the two moved forward with a full launch of Positive Thought Brand, Apparel for your Soul!

In September 2008, Positive Thought Brand debuted at the Mind, Body and Beyond Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center followed by the Yoga Month Expo on the campus of Loyola Marymount University. The feedback was absolutely phenomenal! The dynamic duo now travels the country participating in a variety of expos, music festivals, conferences and trade shows. 

Made locally with love.... Every single shirt is hand screen printed by Byron, and our labels are sewn in by our friend Janet, a local seamstress in Long Beach, CA. 

Thank you for your support!

Casey & Byron

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